Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Petit Rocher, Elmtree River, Baie des Chaleurs, New Brunswick, Canada

latitude: 47.799999     47 48 00 N
longitude: -65.73333     65 44 00 W

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Collected here:

Itaspiella helgolandicaAug-Sep 1984medium-coarse sand, bouldersMarine to brackish.
Notocaryoplanella glandulosaAug-Sep 1984coarse sand, boulderspoor in detritus.
Promesostoma cochleareAug-Sep 1984medium-coarse sandinner side of the Elmtree River estuary.
Ptychopera spiniferaAug-Sep 1984Elmtree River. Salt marsh with Spartina and Salicornia species.
Acrorhynchides robustusAug-Sep 1984medium sandElmtree River. Medium sand rich in detritus.
Placorhynchus dimorphisAug-Sep 1984Salt marsh sediment with Spartina and Salicornia species.
Baltoplana magnaAug-Sep 1984medium-coarse sandinner part of the Elmtree River.
Vejdovskya pellucidaAug-Sep, 1984medium-coarse sandinner part of the Elmtree River. Medium to coarse sand, very low salinity