Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Pottery Cove, St. Andrews (Saint Andrews), New Brunswick, Canada

latitude: 45.083332     45 05 00 N
longitude: -67.066666     67 04 00 W

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Collected here:

Promesostoma rostratumAug-Sep 1984muddy sandGreen algal mats on intertidal muddy sand.
Promesostoma karlingiAug-Sep 1984muddy sandSandy mud rich in detritus.
Promesostoma karlingiAug-Sep 1984muddy sandsalt marsh north of Pagan Point. Muddy sand between gravel and stones next to the outlet of a pool.
Promesostoma fibulatumAug-Sep 1984sandy mudrich in detritus.
Ptychopera westbladiAug-Sep 1984muddy sandGreen algae on muddy sand.
Ptychopera westbladiAug-Sep 1984sandy mudsandy mud rich in detritus.
Ptychopera westbladiAug-Sep 1984salt marsh sediment between Plantago maritima.
Proxenetes deltoidesAug-Sep 1984Salt marsh sediment between Plantago maritima. Very abundant.
Acrorhynchides robustusAug-Sep 1984sandy mudSandy mud rich in detritus.
Phonorhynchus helgolandicusAug-Sep 1984muddy sandIntertidal, green algal mats on reddish muddy sand.
Halammovortex macropharynxAug-Sep, 1984sandy mudReddish sandy mud rich in detritus.