Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Victoria, Australia

latitude: -37    
longitude: 144    

Precision of location: Place-name in gazetteer
Site Named Here: By name of sea, gulf, or country named in source publication

Collected here:

Platydemus victoriae1890 or earlier
Geoplana fletcheri1890 or earlierterrestrial
Geoplana adae1890 or earlierterrestrial
Geoplana alba1890 or earlierterrestrial
Geoplana coerulea1890 or earlierterrestrial
Geoplana hoggii1890 or earlierterrestrial
Geoplana lucasi1890 or earlierterrestrial
Geoplana mediolineata1890 or earlierterrestrial
Geoplana quadrangulata1890 or earlierterrestrial
quadrangulata wellingtoni1890 or earlierterrestrial
quinquelineata accentuata1897 or earlier
Geoplana quinquelineata1897 or earlier
fletcheri adelaidensis1892 or earlierin Victoria rare.
Temnocephala dendyi1893 or earlierfrom crayfish (Astacopsis).
Temnocephala comes1893 or earlierfrom Astacopsis.
Geoplana frosti1891 or earlier
Geoplana dendyi1891 or earlier
Geoplana sanguinea1905 or earlier
Geoplana sugdeni1905 or earlier
Geoplana sanguinea1973 or earlier
Spathula gourbaultae1977 or earlier
Spathula tryssa1977 or earlier
Spathula agelaea1979 or earlierVictorian Alps.
Leptostylochus victoriensis2017 or earlier"....an intertidal region in western Victoria, Australia."