Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Port Aralsk (Aral, Aralskoye More), Aral Sea (Aral Tengizi, Orol Dengizil, Aral'skoye More, Aral'skoe Sea), Kazakhstan

latitude: 46.799999     46 48 00 N
longitude: 61.666668     061 40 00 E

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
Site Named Here: By name of site (or city, etc.)

Collected here:

Haplodiscus agilis1927 or earlierPort Aralsk.
Promonotus orientalis1927 or earlierPort Aralsk.
Promonotus hyrcanus1927 or earlierPort Aralsk.
Macrostomum appendiculatum1927 or earlierPort Aralsk.
Byrsophlebs geniculata1927 or earlier5-8 m[Port Aralsk]. Aralsee. Aralsk. Golf von Ssary-Tscheganak, auf Zostera in 5-8 m Tiefe.
Proxenetes contortus1927 or earlierPort Aralsk.
Dalyellia bergi1927 or earlierPort Aralsk.
Koinocystis relicta1927 or earlier2-4 mPort Aralsk. Bucht bei Aralsk. In dichten Beständen von Najas marina, 2-4 m Tiefe.
Gyratrix hermaphroditus1927 or earlierPort Aralsk.
Phonorhynchoides flagellatus1927 or earlierPort Aralsk. Aralsee. Aralsk. Zwischen Wasserpflanzen und in Bryozoen-Aufwuchs.
Kirgisella forcipata1927 or earlierPort Aralsk.
Gieysztoria bergi1927 or earlier0-2 mAralsee, Fadenalgen-Biocönose im Hafen von Aralsk und benachbarten Buchten (Beklemischev).