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Collecting site

Singapore Island, Republic of Singapore

latitude: 1.3667    
longitude: 103.800003    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
Site Named Here: By name of island, bay, strait, lake, river, or stream, etc., named in source publication

Collected here:

Thysanozoon allmani1876 or earlier
Dolichoplana feildeni1898 or earlier
Bipalium bergendali1899 or earlier
Bipalium haberlandti1899 or earlier
Ectoplana undataprior to Sep 7, 1965ectoparasitic on Malaysian and Indonesian Horseshoe Crabs, Tachypleus gigas. One triclad, and cocoons. Previously mistakenly indentified as Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda.
Pseudoceros bedfordi1944 or earlierwest to Billiton.
Rhynchodemus vejdovskyi1899 or earlierJava; Singapore.
Pelmatoplana sondaica1898 or earlierBuitenzorg auf Java, Singkarah auf Sumatra, auch Singapore, Ceylon und Madagascar.
Bipalium rauchi1898 or earlierSingapore.
Bipalium ridleyi1898 or earlierSingapore.
Bipalium strubelli1898 or earlierGunung Salak und Buitenzorg auf Java, Singapore.
Placocephalus gracilis1898 or earlierBuitenzorg und Salak auf Java, Singapore.
Placocephalus javanus1898 or earlierBuitenzorg, Gunung Pantjar, Salak, Tjibodas, Pangerangoh auf Java, Singapore.
Rhynchodemus vejdovskyi1898 or earlierBuitenzorg auf Java, Singapore.
Dolichoplana feildeni1898 or earlierBuitenzorg und Tjibodas auf Java, Singapore, aber auch Ceylon, Cayenne, Barbados.
Pelmatoplana sondaica1940 or earlier