Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Mount Wellington, Tasmania, Australia

latitude: -42.896    
longitude: 147.235001    

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Collected here:

Geoplana tasmaniana1893 or earlierL J Balfour, Esq.
Geoplana diemenensisMar, 1892Mr. L J Balfour collected two live specimens.
Geoplana typhlopsMar, 1892live specimen from L. J. Balfour.
Spathula ochyraAug 17, 1978Mt. Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania.
Spathula sp.Dec 20, 1974Mt. Wellington, SE Tasmania.
Romankenkius sinuosusAug 17, 1978stream at the foot of Mt Wellington.
Geoplana adae1892 or earlierSilver Falls, Mt. Wellington, Tasmania, Australia
Geoplana balfouri1899 or earlierParattah, Mount Wellington, near Newtown Falls, and North Coast, Tasmania, Australia.
Geoplana sp.1892 or earlierHill at foot of Mt. Wellington, near Hobart, Tasmania.
Geoplana walhallae1892 or earlierSilver Falls, Mt. Wellington, Tasmania.