Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Poland (Polen)

latitude: 52.216667    
longitude: 21.033331    

Precision of location: Gauged from chart or map
Site Named Here: By name of sea, gulf, or country named in source publication

Collected here:

ornata drozdovicensis1915 or earlier
Planaria torva1922 or earlierPolen
Planaria torva1925 or earlierPolen
Dugesia lugubris1923 or earlierÜbrige Verbreitung der Kollektivart. Brittische Inseln, Mittel- u. Südschweden, Dänemark, ganz West- u. Mitteleuropa, Lettland. Littauen, Polen, Tschechoslovakei, Ungarn, .....
Bdellocephala punctata1925 or earlierPolen.
Phaenocora rufodorsata1915 or earlierPolen.
Castrada intermedia1939 or earlier
Castrada neocomensis1939 or earlierPolen.
Castrada luteola1939 or earlierPolen.
Mesostoma ehrenbergii1939 or earlier
Mesostoma ehrenbergii1959 or earlier
Bothromesostoma essenii1959 or earlier
Rhynchoscolex simplex1939 or earlierPolen.
Macrostomum distinguendum1960 or earlierPolen (Chodorowski).
Geocentrophora sphyrocephala1939 or earlier
Geocentrophora baltica1939 or earlier