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Collecting site

sublittoral sample station #26 (Schweinebucht south Lister Tief buoy 13), Sylt

latitude: 55.05611     55 03 22 N
longitude: 8.443333     8 26 36 E

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Collected here:

Carcharodorhynchus subterraneusMarch, May, July 19843 mmedium sand
Proschizorhynchus triductibusApril, May, October, December 1983; May, August 19843 mmedium sand
Neoschizorhynchus parvorostroSeptember, October 1983; February, May, July, August 19843 mmedium sand
Schizorhynchoides rarusApril, August 19833 mmedium sand
Cheliplana remaneiApr, May, Oct 1983; Feb, May, July-Sept 19843 mmedium sand
Cheliplana gemmiferaMar-May 1983; Feb, May, July 19843 mmedium sand
Proschizorhynchella helgolandicaApr, May 1983; Mar, May 19843 mmedium sand
Paracicerina laboeicaApr 1983; Feb 19843 mmedium sand
Psammorhynchus tubulipenisMar-May, Sep, Oct 1983; Feb, Mar, May, Aug 19843 mmedium sand
Gnathorhynchus conocaudatusApril, May 1983; Feb, Mar, May 19843 mmedium sand
Danorhynchus duplostylisJul 20, 19843 mmedium sand