Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Amakusa Marine Biological Laboratory, Tomioka, Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan

latitude: 32.516701    
longitude: 130.033295    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
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Collected here:

Amemiyaia pacifica1944 or earlier
Hoploplana ornataJune 1937This splendid Hoploplana is commonly found on the undersurface of stones between the tidemarks at Zuirin-ji.
Planocera reticulataJune 1937This species is very common in this district.
Pseudostylochus meridialisJune 1937Two specimens were collected under stones in a muddy beach near Zuirin-ji.
Pseudoceros memoralisJun 1937two individuals living on the undersurface of stones below the medium tidemark at Tusi-jima.
Prosthiostomum auratumJun 1937single specimen found at Zuirin-ji.
Prosthiostomum vulgarisJun 1937widely distributed collected at Tomioka.
Prosthiostomum sonorumJun 193718.2 mA single specimen of this species was collected by the dredge along with some corals from a depth of 10 fathoms off Tomoe-zaki.
Cryptocelis amakusaensis1937 or earliercommon on the sandy beach in the vicinity of the Laboratory during spring and summer, and often attacks the living periwinkle, Umbonium moniliferum to put to death.
Notoplana delicata1944 or earlier
Notoplana serica1937 or earlier
Hoploplana ornata1944 or earlierTomioka, Amakusa.
Planocera multitentaculata1944 or earlierUsually found together with Planocera reticulata.
Cestoplana marina1944 or earlierTomioka, Amakusa. A single specimen.
Pseudoceros sagamianus1944 or earlierFound on Gelidium.
Prosthiostomum grande1944 or earlier