Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Seto Marine Biological Station, Kyoto University, at Seto in Shirahama-cho, Cape Bansho Zaki (Bandokoro-saki), Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

latitude: 33.599998    
longitude: 135.383301    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
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Collected here:

Discocelis japonicaApr 1937Very common at Edura, Skatahana, Tosima and Yuzaki.
Stylochus ijimaiApr 1937Numerous specimens were collected at Edura, Daizyasima, Mori and Sakatahana.
Cryptophallus sondaicusAug 1, 1928Museum specimen obtained at Edura.
Notoplana humilisApr 1937the most common polyclad in the neighborhood of the Station.
Notoplana delicataApr 1937very common.
Discoplana takewakiiApr 1937At Sakatahana, Ophioplocus japonicus was often found to be harbored in the genital bursa by this interesting planarian.
Hoploplana cupidaApr 1937single specimen found at Tunasiradu.
Planocera reticulataApr 1937very common in this district.
Callioplana marginataApr 1937found in abundance at Yuzaki and at Tubaki near Seto.
Pseudostylochus edurusMay 4, 1928two specimens obtained at Edura.
Cestoplana rubrocinctaApr 1937common at Yuzaki and Edura.
Prosthiostomum grandeApr 1937large number of this species were collected at Sakatahana and Tubaki.
Prosthiostomum auratumApr 1937numerous specimens obtained under stones at Yuzaki and Sakatahana.
Prosthiostomum laetumApr 193718 msingle specimen collected by the dredge-net from a depth of about ten fathoms off Tonda near Seto. Off Tonda near Seto, Kii.
Stylochus ijimai1944 or earlierSeto, Kii.
Prosthiostomum trilineatum1944 or earlierHatake-jima, Kii.