Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Swedish West Coast

latitude: 58.25    
longitude: 11.43    

Precision of location: Gauged from chart or map
Site Named Here: By name of sea, gulf, or country named in source publication

Collected here:

Archaphanostoma agile5-10 m (0-40 m)
Haploposthia viridisprior to 194630-60 msoft bottom
Nemertoderma bathycolaprior to 197510-30 m
Uteriporus vulgaris1932 or earliersouthwest.
Pseudosyrtis subterraneaprior to 1953Karling.
Brinkmanniella palmataprior to 198620-30 mmudWellskär.
Thylacorhynchus arcassonensis1974 or earlierdie schwedische Westküste und dänische Nordseeküste...
Haplovejdovskya subterranea1974 or earlierNachweise von der schwedischen Westküste (Grundwasser, Felstümpel: Karling 1974)....
Procerodes littoralis1890 or earlierSwedische Westküste: Kullen.