Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Gran Canaria, Isla de, Canary Islands, Spain

latitude: 28    
longitude: -15.6    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
Site Named Here: By name of island, bay, strait, lake, river, or stream, etc., named in source publication

Collected here:

Paratomella rubraMar 1978Playa de Trajadillo.
Paratomella rubra1979, 1980sand
Paratomella rubraApr 1979Playa de San Agustin.
Duplominona canariensisMar 1978Playa de Trajadillo.
Vannuccia campanaMar 1978Playa de Trajadillo. Several specimens at different locations.
Cirrifera cirriferaMar 1978Playa de Trajadillo. 1 specimen.
Invenusta aestusMar 1978Playa de Trajadillo.
Pseudosyrtis calcarisApr 1979Playa de San Agustin. Numerous
Messoplana canariensisMar 1978Playa de Trajadillo. 1 specimen, ripe male. Holotype, P. 1281.
Diascorhynchus bucinaMar 1978Playa de Trajadillo. Numerous.
Diascorhynchus bucinaApr 1979Playa de San Agustin. Numerous.