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Collecting site

Laxvik, Swedish west coast, Halland, Sweden

latitude: 56.599998    
longitude: 12.916667    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
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Collected here:

Neognathorhynchus suecicus9 mfine sand
Zonorhynchus seminascatus1956 or earlier9 mfine sand
Convoluta saliensprior to 19603-4 m
Ptychopera hartogiJun 1952Under Mytilus area. leg. T.G. Karling
Dolichomacrostomum uniporumprior to 1960fine sandlagoons and pools with significant temperature changes (Karling).
Macrostomum balticumprior to 1960fine sandOtoplanenzone.
Promesostoma karlingiJun 7-11, 19521-3 mfine sandsouth of Halmstad. (Prof. Dr. T.G. Karling)
Coronhelmis multispinosus1962 or earlierIn different places along the Swedish coast from Stockholm to Halmstad (Dalarö, Torö, Malmö, Laxvik). Coastal groundwater, damp sand. Karling.
Minona baltica1953 or earlierLaxvik; Kristineberg. Ohne nähere Fundortsangaben.
Prognathorhynchus canaliculatus1956 or earlierBefunde aus dem Meer stammen von Laxvik an der schwedischen Westküste sowie aus dem Euhalinicum (und Polyhalinicum) von Salzwiesen.....
Gieysztoria expeditaApr 7, 1952Halland, Laxvik, Mergelgraben. (Karling, Brief.)