Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Mount Wilson, New South Wales, Australia

latitude: -33.514999    
longitude: 150.367996    

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Collected here:

Anzoplana trilineataprior to 2006?introduced.
Rhynchodemus coxii1888 or earlierMt. Wilson, New South Wales, Australia.
Geoplana sugdeni1887 or earlierMt. Wilson, Hartley Vale, New South Wales.
Geoplana variegata1888 or earlierCumberland, Springwood, Mt. Wilson, Hartley Vale, Capertee, and Burrawang, New South Wales.
Geoplana coerulea1888 or earlierSydney, Parramatta, Rhde, Springwood, Mt. Wilson, and the Hunter River, New South Wales; Cairns, North Queensland.