Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Great Dividing Range (East Highlands), Otway Region, Victoria, Australia
arbitrary point in Otway region, Victoria for this mountain range.
latitude: -38.737    
longitude: 143.550003    

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Collected here:

Geoplana adae1892 or earlierEast Highlands and Macedon Ranges, Victoria, Australia.
Geoplana dendyi1977 or earlierHast [East] Highlands, Victoria.
Geoplana dubia1977 or earlierEast Highlands, Victoria, Australia.
Geoplana howitti1977 or earlierOtway Region and East Highlands, Victoria, Australia.
Geoplana mediolineata1977 or earlierOtway Region, East Highlands an Macedon Ranges, Victoria.
Geoplana mmahoni1977 or earlierOtway Region and East Highlands, Victoria
Geoplana quadrangulata1977 or earlierOtway Region and Macedon Range, Victoria, Australia.
Geoplana sugdeni1977 or earlierOtway Region, Macedon Range, Victoria and Tasmania.
Geoplana sulphureus1977 or earlierOtway Region and East Highlands, Victoria.
Geoplana variegata1977 or earlierEast Highlands.
Geoplana ventropunctata1977 or earlierEast Highlands, Macedon Ranges, Victoria.
Geoplana walhallae1977 or earlierEast Highlands, Victoria.
Geoplana coerulea1977 or earlierEastern Highlands, Victoria.