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Collecting site

Peterhof (Petergof), Petrodvorets District, Saint Petersburg, Russia

latitude: 59.879662    
longitude: 29.902571    

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Collected here:

Olisthanella obtusa1926 or earlierPeterhof.
Microdalyellia kupelwieseri1926 or earliergouv. Leningrad, u.a. Peterhof
Mesostoma productum1926 or earlier
Mesostoma craci1924 or earlier
Rhynchoscolex simplex1918 or earlierRussland: Umgebung von Petrograd = Leningrad, Peterhof.
Geocentrophora sphyrocephala1926 or earlierRussland: Leningrad u. Peterhof
Microdalyellia picta1926 or earlierGouv. Leningrad: fliessendes Wasser am Ufer der Nevskaja Guba u. in Teichen von Peterhof.
Microdalyellia mollosovi1926 or earlier
Dalyellia penicilla1926 or earlierUmgebung von Leningrad: Ligowo, Ufer des Mollosovo-Sees, Peterhof.
Gieysztoria rubra1926 or earlierPark des Peterhofer Instituts