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Collecting site

Kandalaksha (Kantalahti, Kandalakscha, Kandalaska, Kandalasksa), Russia

latitude: 67.157219    
longitude: 32.411945    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
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Collected here:

Tetracelis marmorosa1925 or earlierHierher könnte auch Nasonovs (1925 p. 56, 58, 72) Fund in Kandalaksch (Kantalahti) am Weissen Meer gerechnet werden.
Castrada neocomensis1925 or earlierKandalaska.
Castrada luteola1923 or earlierKandalaksa
Castrada armata1923 or earlierKandalaksa
Tetracelis marmorosa1923 or earlierKandalaksa
Strongylostoma radiatum1923 or earlierKandalaksa
elongatum elongatum1925 or earlier
Rhynchomesostoma rostratum1923 or earlier
Microdalyellia armigera1924 or earlier
Gieysztoria chlynovica1919 or earlierKandalakscha, Torfmoor.
chlynovica occidentalis1924 or earlierNasonov (1924) auch die Exemplare aus Kandalakscha zu chlynovica occidentalis führt, sei hier zusammengestellt, was er über diese Tiere sagt.
Gieysztoria infundibuliformis1925 or earlier
Castrella truncata1955 or earlier