Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Skutustaoir, north Iceland
latitude: 65.566666     65 34 00 N
longitude: -17.033333     17 02 00 W

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Collected here:

Stenostomum leucopsJul 1-Aug2, 1937frequent.
Stenostomum ignavumJul 1-Aug2, 1937in a pond, 1 specimen.
Macrostomum appendiculatumJul 1-Aug2, 1937pond covered with Menyanthes, many specimens.
Gieysztoria infundibuliformisJul 1-Aug2, 1937pool near Skutustaoir, 2 specimens.
Castrella truncataJul 1-Aug2, 1937pool in vicinity of Skutustaoir, very numerous.
Strongylostoma elongatumJul 1-Aug2, 1937pool near Skutustaoir
Castrada stagnorumJul 1-Aug2, 1937pools and ponds near Myvatn (Skutustaoier), singly to numerous.
Castrada lanceolaJul 1-Aug 2, 1937In pools near Skutustaoir (Myvatn).
Castrada ejdeJul 1-Aug 2, 1937Pond near Skutustaoir, 1 specimen.
Castrada intermediaJul 1-Aug 2, 1937Pond near Skutustaoir, a few specimens.
Phaenocora unipunctataJul 1-Aug 2, 1937pool near Skutustaoir (Myvatn), several specimens.
Rhynchomesostoma rostratumJul 1-Aug 2, 1937in a bog pool north of Laugarvatn, many specimens.
Phaenocora galizianaJul 1-Aug 2, 1937pond near Skutustaoir (Myvatn).
Opisthocystis goetteiJul 1-Aug 2, 1937pond near Skutustaoir, several specimens.
Sekerana stolziJul 1-Aug 2, 1937pond near Skutustaoir (Myvatn), three specimens.
Otomesostoma auditivumJul 1-Aug 2, 1937pool and pond, very frequent.