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Collecting site

Inca-Inca, Gaira Bay, Santa Marta, Colombia

latitude: 11.183333     11° 11’ N
longitude: -74.23333     74° 14’ W

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Collected here:

Armatoplana colombianaAug 2002littoral zone from under rocks at Inca-Inca
Prosthiostomum gilvum2008 or earlier
Prosthiostomum utarum2008 or earlier
Euprosthiostomum matarazzoi2008 or earlier
Thysanozoon lagidium2008 or earlier
Phrikoceros mopsus2008 or earlier
Pseudoceros bicolor2008 or earlier
Boninia divae2008 or earlier
Styloplanocera fasciata2004 or earlierlittoralrocky
Gnesioceros sargassicola2004 or earlierlittoralrocky
Notocomplana ferruginea2004 or earlierlittoralrocky
Armatoplana divae2004 or earlierlittoralrocky
Cestoplana rubrocincta2004 or earlierlittoralrocky
Adenoplana obovata2004 or earlierlittoralrocky
Pleioplana sp.2004 or earlierlittoralrocky