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Ria de Villaviciosa near San Martin, Spain
C. Norena et al. 2007 {21904}: p. 1992, location #9, Muddy, with green algae and periphyton
latitude: 43.516666     43 31 00 N
longitude: -5.383333     005 23 00 W

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Collected here:

Mecynostomum auritum1997-1999
Paramecynostomum diversicolor1997-1999
Philocelis karlingi1997-1999
Macrostomum hystricinum1997-1999
Promonotus schultzei1997-1999
Baicalellia beauchampi1997-1999
Cheliplana setosa1997-1999
Pseudograffilla hymanae1997-1999
Ptychopera westbladi1997-1999