Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Lister Hook (Lister Haken, Hakens), Sylt Island, Germany, North Sea

latitude: 55.066666    
longitude: 8.416667    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
Site Named Here: By name of island, bay, strait, lake, river, or stream, etc., named in source publication

Collected here:

Pseudaphanostoma pelophilumOct 1962mud, sand
Aphanostoma albumOct 1963mud, sand
Anaperus tvaerminnensisOct 1962mud, sand
Philactinoposthia saliensSep 1963mud, sand
Mecynostomum auritumOct 1962mud, sand
Paedomecynostomum bruneumSep 1963mud, sand
Postmecynostomum pictumSep, Oct 1962; Sep, Oct 1963mud, sand
Perixenetes trigonusAug 1966sanddetritus rich sand east of Lister Hakens.
Perixenetes quinquespinosusAug 1966mud, sandeast of Lister Hakens. 3 specimens.
Ciliopharyngiella intermediaSep 1970sandseveral specimens. sand slope.
Pratoplana galeataSep 1970sand3 m above the beach break, sand beach. 17 specimens.
Haloplanella longatubaSep 1970sandfront sand flat. Frequent.
Adenorhynchus balticusSep 1970sandlower and middle sand slope. Numerous.
falcata falcataFeb, Sep 1970sandbeach break in front of sand Watt. About 20 specimens.
Proxenetes fascigerAug, Sep 1970fine sandFine sand Watt south of Lister Hakens. 40 individuals.
Mariplanella frisiaSep 1970sandbank near a section of the Sand Watt. numerous.
Mariplanella frisiaSep 1973sandbank near a section of the Sand Watt. numerous.
Lonchoplanella axiSep 1970sandMiddle sand slope. Approximately 25 individuals.
Tensopharynx inermisApr 1970sanddetritus rich sand flat. 1 specimen.
Proceropharynx litoralisSep 1970sandLower sand slope and front sand Watt.
Adenopharynx mitrabursalisSep 1970sand12 specimens.
Adenopharynx mitrabursalisAug 1970sand
Aulopharynx aestuariusSep 1970sandSandwatt, 8 m from the breakwater. Sand with detritus. 1 specimen.
Aulopharynx aestuariusJan 1971sandSandwatt, 8 m from the breakwater. Sand with detritus. 1 specimen.
Doliopharynx geminocirroSep 1970sandDetritus holding sandwatt.
Microstomum spiculiferOct 1973sandlower sandy beach slope, east side. Few animals.
Tvaerminnea direceptaculaAug 1970sand"Lister Haken". Upper sandy tidal flats.
Tvaerminnea direceptaculaSep 1970sand"Lister Haken". Upper sandy tidal flats.
Tvaerminnea direceptaculaNov 1970sand"Lister Haken". Upper sandy tidal flats.
Archilopsis unipunctataSep 1970Lister Haken. Im mit organischem Material durchsetzten Sandwatt und Sandhang. Wenige Exemplare.
Monocelis fuscaSep 1970Lister Haken. Wenige Tiere im mit Detritus durchsetzten Sandhang.
Monocelis lineataSep 1970Lister Haken. Detritushaltiges Watt und Sandhang.
Coelogynopora gynocotylaSep 1970Lister Haken. Im Sandhang 1 Exemplar.
Coelogynopora schulziiSep 1970Lister Haken. Im Sandhang. 1 Exemplar.
Cirrifera cirriferaSep 1970Sylt, Lister Haken. Im Sandhang. 1 Exemplare
Bulbotoplana acephalaSep 1970Lister Haken. Im Sandwatt. Mehrere Exemplare.
Parotoplana capitataSep 1970Lister Haken. Im Sandhang. Mehrere Exemplare.
Otoplanidia endocystisSep 1970Lister Haken. Im Sandhang. 3 Exemplare.
Praebursoplana steinboeckiSep 1970Lister Haken. Im detritushaltigen Sandwatt. 2 Exemplare.
Parotoplanina geminoductaSep 1970Lister Haken. Im Sandhang. Wenige Tiere.
Parotoplana papiiSep 1970Lister Haken. Im Sandhang. Mehrere Exemplare.
Nematoplana coelogynoporoidesSep 1970Lister Haken. Im mit Detritus durchsetzten Sandwatt. Einige Tiere.