Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

östlich Wittdün, Anlegebrücke (16), Amrum, Germany
Mittellotische Sandhänge; [Lebensräume und charackteristische and lat/long roughly gaged from the maps and descriptions on pages 148-150.]
latitude: 54.6283    
longitude: 8.4003    

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Collected here:

Carcharodorhynchus ambronensis1966-1968Sandwatt.
Thylacorhynchus ambronensis1966-1968Sandwattt.
Acrorhynchides robustus1966-1968
Cystiplana paradoxa1966-1968Sandwatt
Proschizorhynchus gullmarensis1966-1968
Schizorhynchoides aculeatus1966-1968Sandwatt, Knick, Strandknick (Kennzeichnung der Strandabschnitte bei Schmidt 1968)
Rhinepera remanei1966-1968Sandwatt.