Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales)
point to represent Great Britain
latitude: 53.826    
longitude: -2.422    

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Collected here:

Polycelis felina1958 or earlier.... scarce in the Western Islands and the north of Scotland and it may be excluded from harsher habitats as a result of competition for food with P. nigra...
Crenobia alpina1981 or earlierIn Britain ...commonly found under stones and among vegetation, characteristically in spring heads and small, cool, swift streams.
Dendrocoelum lacteum1981 or earlierThroughout Britain this species is common, especially in productive lakes. It has not spread to the north of Scotland or the Western Islands and its distribution is closely linked to that of Asellus (Isopoda), which affords it a 'food refuge'
Bipalium kewense1981 or earlierit is generally associated with exotic plants of greenhouses
Rhynchodemus sylvaticus1944 or earlierfirst recorded from Britain by Pantin (1944)
Microplana terrestris1944 and earlierIt is widely distributed in Britain and Ireland under logs, stones, decaying wood, etc. lying in dark shady places