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Collecting site

Punta Negra, Stintino, Sardinia, Italy

latitude: 40.95322     40°57’11.6”N
longitude: 8.228667     8°13’43.2”E

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Collected here:

Brachyrhynchus acutus19 August 19940,5 mon algae from rocks, partially shaded
Brachyrhynchus acutus25 March 2010coarse-grained sand with pebbles
Brachyrhynchus triplostylis19 August 19940,5 mon algae from rocks, partially shaded
Brunetorhynchus microstylis22 August 199430cmcoarse-grained sandsample taken in channel
Itaipusa karlingiSeptember 9, 20180.5 mon silty algae
Reinhardorhynchus riaeSeptember, 20180.5 msilty algae
Utelga pseudoheinckeiSeptember, 20180.5 msilty algae