Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Breakwater (Buhne) south of List, Sylt Island, Germany
detritus rich, Breakwater, groin, sand slope
latitude: 55.016666    
longitude: 8.433333    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
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Collected here:

Mecynostomum haplovariumSep 1963medium sand
Typhlopolycystis coeca1956 or earliercoarse sand, gravel(Ax), slope.
Promesostoma meixneriSep 1973sandSand flat. Frequent.
Promesostoma meixneriApr 1970sandSand flat. Frequent.
Petaliella spiracaudaApr 1970sandmiddle sand Watt. 3 individuals.
falcata falcataApr 1970sandsand Watt. 4 specimens.
Mariplanella frisiaApr 1970sandSand Watt. Several.
Lonchoplanella axiApr 1970sandsouth. Pure sand Watt, 20 - 60 m from the beach break. 5 individuals.
Adenopharynx mitrabursalisApr 1970sand2 specimens.
Aulopharynx aestuariusApr 1970sandDetritus holding Sandwatt. 50 m from the breakwater. 1 specimen.
Doliopharynx geminocirroApr 1970sandSandwatt. 50 m from the breakwater. 1 specimen.
Microstomum papillosumJun 1973sandSandy beach slopes and wadden areas.
Microstomum spiculiferOct 1973sandy beach slopes and wadden areas of the Litoralstation List. Some animals.
Macrostomum pusillumJun, Jul, Oct 1973beach break, south List. Some animals.
Coelogynopora biarmataApr 1970Buhne List-Süd. Im vorderen Sandwatt. Zahlreich.
Bulbotoplana acephalaApr 1970Buhne List-Süd. Zahlreich.
Nematoplana coelogynoporoidesApr 1970Buhne List-Süd. Im Sandwatt. Einige Exemplare.
Drepanilla limophilaJul 6, 1951Buhne List-Süd (Höhe, 'Villa Hübner'), (leg. P. Ax)