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Collecting site

Gullmarfjord, by Bay of Kristineberg, Sweden
latitude: 58.25    
longitude: 11.433333    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
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Collected here:

Paraproporus rubescens1942shallowmudno type locality specified,
Anaperus tvaerminnensis1942shallowmudespecially common in detritus bottom of shallow bays.
auritum flavescensprior to 194610 morganic silt mud (Mudder)
Convoluta saliensprior to 1946very common, especially in the Bay of Kristineberg.
Convoluta viridipunctataprior to 19465-10 morganic silt mud (Mudder)rare.
Otocelis rubropunctataprior to 1946.10 morganic silt mud (Mudder)sporadic.
Prolecithoplana lutheriAug 4, 19405-10 mmud
Prolecithoplana lutheriJul 17, 19425-10 mmud
Childia groenlandicaprior to 1975
Postmecynostomum pictumprior 19755-10 mmud
Pseudmecynostomum westbladiprior 19755-10 mmud
Mesorhynchus terminostylis1956 or earlier8-55 msand, loamy clayVery common.
Psammorhynchus tubulipenis1956 or earlierKristinebergbukten. (Westblad).
Ethmorhynchus anophthalmus1956 or earlier25-60 mmudlarge numbers, around Kristineberg; collected by Bock, Westblad, and Karling.
Zonorhynchus seminascatus1956 or earlier0.5-15 mclay (Lehmboden)at different locations. Westblad.
Zonorhynchus seminascatus1956 or earlier0.5-15 msand with detritusat different locations. Westblad.
Cylindrostoma gracilisJul 25, 1945mud
Ptychopera westbladiprior to 1964from Kristineberg along the Swedish coast.
Aphanostoma auritum1946 or earlier
Rogneda anglica2008 or earlier20 mmudKristineberg (Sweden), Gullmarfjord, Essvik