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Skagerrak (Skagerak), (Gullmarfjord), Norwegian Channel, Sweden

latitude: 58.266388
longitude: 10.500000

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Collected here:

Faerlea fragilis1942160 mno type location specified, Westblad notation ?Skagerrak?
Childia cycloposthiumprior 1975160 m
Polycystis crocea1913 or earlier
Notomonoophorum coecum1956 or earliersand clay
Paromalostomum dubiumJul 1965fine sandfrom Körviken, material from W. Sterrer.
Proxenetes rosaceusprior to 1956
Euxinia balticaprior to 1993Live specimens and six serially section specimens from the North Sea, Bergen area, Håkonsund; Skagerrak, Kristineberg area, Kvarnik. Leg. Karling
Utelga heinckeiAug 4, 1940Skagerak near Kristineberg. Found by Westblad.
Seritia elegans1925 or earlierfrom Stichopus tremulous (Stichopodidae).