Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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Collecting site

Gullmarfjord (Blabergsholem, Blåbergsholmen, Blåbärsholmen, Blabarsholmen), western Sweden

latitude: 58.266666    
longitude: 11.433333    

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Collected here:

Haploposthia monogonophoraAug 8, 194030 mno type specified, 2 specimens.
Aphanostoma macrospiriferumprior to 194630 mmud, clay (Schlamm-Lehmboden)no type locality specified,
Aphanostoma macrobursaliumprior to 194625-35 mclay (Lehmboden)not common, no type locality specified.
Aphanostoma tenuissima194130 mas of 1941 only one specimen found, no type locality specified.
auritum flavescensprior to 1946sand
Convoluta rhammiferaprior to 194620-30 msporadic but nor rare.
Convoluta pusillaAug 10, 194225-30 mrare, 1 specimen.
Convoluta styliferaAug 8, 194220-30 mclay with sandrare.
Reisingeria hexoculatusApr 23, 194330 m1 specimen
Mecynostomum lutheri1956 or earlier10-15 mMud and clay with detritus
Convoluta viridipunctata1956 or earlier5-40 m
Vejdovskya suecica1956 or earliereulitoral - 20 mmud, sand, detritus
Hangethellia calceifera1956 or earlier0.5 - 10 mmud, sand, detritus
Brinkmanniella macrostomoides1956 or earlier0.5-36 m
Childia groenlandica1956 or earlier
Ulianinia mollissima1963 or earlierKarling notes distribution of the species. Gullmaren (Bredungen, Dalsvik, Finsbobukten, Bökevik, Blåbärsholmen, Rödskären, Grötö).
Boreocelis filicauda1935-194915-20 mSwedish west coast, namely Gullmar Fjord, where it proved to be not uncommon on mud bottom (Dalsvik, Essvik, off Blåbergsholmen etc.).
Archimonotresis limophilaprior to 19608 - 10 mSand-GyttjaSchwedische Westküste. Bohuslän: Kristineberg, Blåbärsholmen, (Karling).