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Collecting site

Hanko (Hango, Hangonkyla, Khanko), St. Kolaviken, Finnish Bay, Finland

latitude: 59.816666    
longitude: 23    

Precision of location: Alexandria Digital Library (with NGA GNDB data)
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Collected here:

Convoluta karlingiJul 13, 19456 mcoarse sand
Catenula macruraDec 3, 1934
Philactinoposthia saliensprior 19754 msand
Stenostomum karlingiprior to 1960Henriksberg on the Hanko penninsula. In bank meadows, on vegetation (Scirpus uniglumis, Juncus Gerardi, Agrostis stolonifera and Spergula salina) above the water level.
Stenostomum karlingiprior to 1960North Hangö. Coastal groundwater, Karling.
Stenostomum karlingiprior to 1960Kolaviken. Coastal groundwater, Karling.
Bothriomolus balticusprior to 1960Lilla Kolaviken, large numbers, surf zone.
Coelogynopora biarmataprior to 19600.1 mcoarse sandKarling.
Coelogynopora hangoensisprior to 19537 specimens. groundwater.
Vejdovskya ignava1962 or earliercoarse sandKarling.
Baicalellia beauchampi1962 or earlier6 msandKarling.
Cheliplana styliferaJul 13, 19366 mcoarse sandSand with Zostera.