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Collecting site

Gullmarfjord, Bondhalet near Blabergsholem (Bondhålet), Blåbergsholmen), western Sweden

latitude: 58.266666    
longitude: 11.433333    

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Collected here:

Otocelis gullmarensisprior to 1946.a few decimeterscoarse gravel with mussel shells (Skalgrus)sometimes in massive numbers, sometimes altogether missing.
Pseudmecynostomum flavescensprior 1975sand
Aphanostoma auritum1946 or earlier
Proschizorhynchus gullmarensisAug 1948Gullmaren in der Nähe der Zoologischen Station Kristineberg, aus Grundwasser in der Wasserline an grobkiesigen und steinigen Ufern, besonders reichlich bei Bondhälet und Kvarnvik.