Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A near Tahiti Beach, Coral Gables Canal, Florida, USAJan 19, 1963         Coral Gables Canal, in slough along road to Tahiti Beach, in algae. 1 specimen. Marcus EvDB-R, Marcus Er (1968) 41
B Key Biscayne, Florida, USAAug 31, 1963 0.5-1.0 m       about 10 m wide cree, Rhizophora and Avicennia. 1 specimen. Marcus EvDB-R, Marcus Er (1968) 41
C Fuik Baai, Curacao, Netherland AntillesNov 20, 1948 0.5-1.0 m sandy mud, rock debris     sandy mud with rock debris, Thalassia, Sargassum. 1 specimen. Marcus EvDB-R, Marcus Er (1968) 41
D Bermuda Islands, Bermuda1898   stones and coral   type locality under stones and corals on the reefs Verrill AE (1900) 595
E Long Bird Island, Bermuda Islands, Bermuda1900   stone, coral   type locality Under stones on both shores of Longbird Island. Verrill AE (1900) 595; from Hyman LH 1939 (citation)-p 8 gives the specifics on the location.