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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A North of Cape Oyambre (Cantabria), Cantabrian coast (North Atlantic) of the Iberian Peninsula, SpainJune 1991 135 m       "One individual from Oyambre Cape, San Vicente de laBarquera (Cantabria) at a depth of 135 m recollected duringthe ‘Fauna Ibe ?rica’ Oceanographic campaign II of the Cantabrian Sea..." Marquina D, Fernández-Álvarez FA, Noreña C (2015)
B Floro (Florö, Kinn), Norwayprior to 1878       type locality   Jensen OS (1878) ; from Prudhoe S (citation)- page 138
C Bergen and environs, Norway1878 or earlier       default type Denne nordiske Repraesentant for Thysanozoon-Slaegten har Sars fundet i to Eksemplarer paa Botryller ved Florøen. Dyre kryber meget langsomt. Jensen OS (1878) 79; and Sars 1878 (citation)- p. 79
D Rovigno (Rovigno d'Istria, Rovinj), CroatiaMar 21, 1925 15 m sand, rock     west of the Port Monsena, Station 84, sampling of A. Vatova. Vàtova A (1928) ; from Steinböck 1933 (citation)- p. 19
E Mitsui Institute of Marine Biology, Susaki near Simoda, Siduoka Prefecture, Japan1934-1936         numerous specimens identical with the Misaki form of Cycloporus papillosus were found in the summer on compound ascidians between tide-marks. Kato K (1937) 229