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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A Archipielago de los Chonos (Guaitecas), ChileDec 1834   stones brackish type locality congregated in numbers under stones in brackish water Darwin C (1844) 248; date derived from Darwin C (citation)
B Station M56, north coast Chiloé, between Punta Corona, ChileFeb 6, 1949 intertidal rocks     about 100 specimens under rocks in a tide pool, that is dry many hours of the day. Found with Polycystis yagana, unidentified Proseriates, Vorticeros dahli, Miava evelinae, Notoplana puma. Marcus Er (1954) 7, 39
C Station M6, north coast of Chiloé, Playa Brava between Punta San Antonio and Punta Colorada, ChileNov 10, 1948 intertidal surf zone rock, stones     several specimens in green algae, found with Haloplanella evelinae, Procerodes macrostoma (Darwin), Notoplana australis huina (Schmarda) / Haloplanella evelinae, Procerodes macrostoma (Darwin), Notoplana australis huina (Schmarda) Marcus Er (1954) 6, 39
D Station M71, Moraleda Road, Cayo Blanco, ChileFeb 21, 1949 intertidal rock     1 specimen on Chthamalus. Found with Found with immature Proseriat, Sabazius brattstroemi, Miava evelinae, Procerodes macrostoma and P. hallezi. Marcus Er (1954) 7, 39
E Station M49, Reloncaví Bay, west coast Guar Island, ChileFeb 6, 1949 intertidal sand and algae     1 specimen. / algae Marcus Er (1954) 7, 39