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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A mouth of the Ninilchik River, Resurrection Bay, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, USAJul 16, 1988     brackish type locality Nimilchik. Medium sand with moderate amounts of detritus from a brackish water (5 o/oo salinity) lagoon. Ax P, Armonies W (1990) 94
B Arctic Station, near Godhavn (Qeqertarsuaq), Disko Island, GreenlandAug 1991   medium-coarse sand     Mündungsgebeit der Süsswasserlagune südlich der Arktischen Station in den Brandungssandstrand Sorte Sand. Reiner Mittel-Grobsand. Mittellotisch. Bei Probeentnahmen im August 1991 kein Salzgehalt gemessen. [#2 Site description page 250]. Ax P (1995) 285, 291