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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A Helgoland Islands (Helgoland Insel, Heligoland), Germany    mud coarse sand     station 12a, Dune, Helgoland. Dorjes J (1968) ; see also biogeographic summary on this and other German Bay species in (citation)- 78-115.
B Sylt Island (North Frisian Islands), North Sea1972-1975         semi-exposed beach slope, clean sand flat Faubel A (1977) 68-69, Table 1
C Sandy beach on eastern shore of Sylt. Litoralstation (old littoral station), Biological Institute Helgoland, Biologische Anstalt Helgoland (BAH), List, SyltSeptember 1972 eulittoral, littoral sandy beach (middlelotic), sandy beach slope, sandy beach slopes and wadden areas, wadden areas     sand beach slope, one juvenile Faubel A (1974) 3, 21
D Pirozi, Rovigno (Rovigno d'Istria, Rovinj), Croatia1956 or earlier   mud       Riedl R (1956) 72-73
E Uvala Valdebora (Valdibora, Zaliv Bora), Croatia1956 or earlier   mud     universally in mud, sometimes with shell, sand and detritus. Långholm and Grötö. Riedl R (1956) 72-73
F Banjole (Bagnole), Croatia1956 or earlier   mud     north Banjole. Riedl R (1956) 72-73
G Daska Kanal, Dubrovnik (Ragusa), Adriatic, Croatia1956 or earlier   mud     Daska canal. Riedl R (1956) 72-73