Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A Wittelbee Point, South Australia, AustraliaMar 2, 1975         Wittelbee Point, near Ceduna. specimen under rocks, upper tidal zone. Prudhoe S (1982) 366
B Jones Island, Baird Bay, South Australia, AustraliaFeb 27, 1975         under rocks, rocks at low tide. Prudhoe S (1982) 366
C Daly Head, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, AustraliaNov 9, 1976           Prudhoe S (1982) 366
D Tipara Reef, Spencer Gulf, South Australia, AustraliaMay 25, 1973           Prudhoe S (1982) 366
E Brown Point, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, AustraliaAug 9, 1974           Prudhoe S (1982) 366
F American River Inlet, Kangaroo Island, South Australia, AustraliaAug 1946         under rocks, upper tidal zone. Prudhoe S (1982) 366
G Port Noarlunga, St. Vincent Gulf, South Australia, AustraliaNov 1950 5 m       under stones Prudhoe S (1982) 366
H Port Phillip, Victoria, Australia1904 or earlier       default type   Laidlaw FF (1904) abstract
I Shelly Beach, Eden, New South Wales, Australia10 July 2018 intertidal under boulders       Tosetto L, McNab JM, Hutchings PA, Rodríguez J, Williamson JE (2023) 6
J Long Reef, near Collaroy, north of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia1955-56         intertidal zone. Summers of 1955 and 1956. Hyman LH (1959) 1