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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A Newport, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island, USA1905 or earlier         Narragansett-Bai (Newport) Graff Lvon (1905) 12
B Woods Hole,Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA1965 or earlier   on algae     common at Woods Hole on algae. Bush LF (1964) 32
C Woods Hole,Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USAbetween May and Aug 1907   sand     between Eels pond and Little Harbor, in Ulven (Ulva) Graff Lvon (1911) 326
D Isafjorour, (Ísafjörður, Isafjorour, Isafjordhur), Iceland16-26 July, 1937         shallow water; outer harbor Isafjorour, 2 specimens. Steinböck O (1938) 3
E Ejde (Eidhi), (North of Ejde), Faroes, Faroe Islands1928 low tide zone         Steinböck O (1931) 3
F Ria de Villaviciosa near San Martin, Spain1997-1999     Brackish (olig)     Noreña C, Damborenea C, Faubel A & Brusa F (2007) 1992, 1993
G Firth of Clyde (Millport), United Kingdom1882 or earlier           Graff Lvon (1882) 220, 221
H Irish Sea (Port Erin)1905 or earlier         Irishe Sea (Port Erin auf Man) Graff Lvon (1905) 12
I Plymouth Sound Breakwater, United KingdomAug-Sep 1892         Captured using a hand-net worked vigorously among the weeds at low water from the dinghy. Gamble FW (1893) 32-34
J tide pools, Wembury Bay, United KingdomAug-Sep 1892         In various localities between tide-marks. Not uncommon in the diatom-deposit on the sides of tanks in the aquarium. Gamble FW (1893) 32, 39
K Roscoff (Roskoff), English Channel, France1905 or earlier         Kanal La Manche (Plymouth, Roscoff) Graff Lvon (1905) 12
L Bergen and environs, Norway1877 or earlier           Jensen OS (1878) 9, 13, 15, 17, 18, 22, 26-27, Tab 1, Fig 12-20;also in Graff 1882 (citation)220, 221
M Villefranche Sur Mer (French Riviera), France1905 or earlier         Mittelmeer (Villefranche s.m., Neapel). Graff Lvon (1905) 12
N Düne (Die Düne, Dune), Helgoland, Germany1933 or earlier           Bresslau E, Reisinger E (1933) 55
O Nord-Ostsee-Kanal (Nord-Ostseekanal, Kaiser Wilhelm Kanal, Kieler Kanal, Kiel Canal), Schleswig-Holstein, Germany1951     brackish   Eine Brackwasser Lebensgemeinschaft an Holzpfählen des Nord-Ostsee Kanals. Ax P (1952) Tab 2
P Oslofjord, Drobak (Dröbak) (Sandspollen), Norway1844 or earlier       type locality   Örsted AS (1845) 417; also in Graff 1882 (citation) -p 220, 221
Q Bay of Fiskebackskil (Fiskebäckskil), western Sweden1932 shoreline detritus mixed with sand     rare, not found again. Westblad E (1946) 50
R Gullmarfjord, Gasovik, western Swedenprior to 1946.   Algae     rare. Westblad E (1946) 50
S Gulf of Trieste (Trzaski Zaliv, Trscanski Zaliv, Trst), Istra, Adriatic Sea, Italy1882 or earlier         rarely Graff Lvon (1882) 220, 221
T Sveti Andrija (Isola Sant'Andrea, Crveni Otok, Isola Rossa ), Otocic, Croatia1933 or earlier         in algae north of Isola S. Andrea. Steinböck O (1933) 6
U Rovigno (Rovigno d'Istria, Rovinj), Croatia1933 or earlier 18-20 m mud     south fo S. Pelagio. Steinböck O (1933) 6
V Rovigno (Rovigno d'Istria, Rovinj), Croatia1933 or earlier         on Ulven near the Station building. Steinböck O (1933) 6
W Luka Vestar (Porto Vestre, Port Vestri), Croatia1933 or earlier 10-12 m mud, sand       Steinböck O (1933) 6
X Gulf of Naples (Bay of Naples, Neapel, Napoli), Italy1882 or earlier           Graff Lvon (1882) 220, 221
Y Baltalmani (Baltaliman), Istanbul Bogazi (Karadeniz Bogazi, Bosporus, Bosphorus), TurkeyAug 29, 1956     17.3 ppt     Ax P (1959) 61
Z Prinzeninsel Heybeli (Heybeliada, Helbeliada, Halki) Island, Sea of Marmara (Marmara Meer), TurkeyAug 17, 1956   rocky     very numerous. / in Cystoseira vegetation Ax P (1959) 61
A1 Sevastopol (Sebastopol, Sewastopol, Akhiar, Akhtyar), Black Sea, Ukraine.1905 or earlier         Schwarzes Meer (Sewastopol). Graff Lvon (1905) 12
B1 Sevastopol (Sebastopol, Sewastopol, Akhiar, Akhtyar), Black Sea, Ukraine.1889           Pereyaslawzewa S (1892) 211
C1 White Sea (Beloye More, Weisses Meer), Isle of Solowetzk (Solowetsk, Solowjetsk, Solovetskiy, Ostrov, Solovetski Island; Solowezki, Solowetzki, Solovets, Solovjetsk), Russia1905 or earlier         Weißes Meer (Insel Solowetsk) Graff Lvon (1905) 12
D1 Manazuru Harbor (Manazuru-ko), Japanprior to 2004           Faubel A, Kawakatsu M, Froehlich EM, Jones HD, Sasaki G (2004) 11
E1 Biological Station Misaki, Japanprior to 2004           Faubel A, Kawakatsu M, Froehlich EM, Jones HD, Sasaki G (2004) 11
F1 Miura Peninsula, Japanprior to 2004           Faubel A, Kawakatsu M, Froehlich EM, Jones HD, Sasaki G (2004) 11