Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A Lafayette River, Norfolk, Virginia, USA1948 or earlier shallow   brackish   from collection records ranging 1931 thru 1948. from shallows of river. [authors cited Cylindrostomum triste (Graff) as species] Ferguson FF, Jones ER (1949) 436, 439
B Woods Hole,Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USAbetween May and Aug 1907       type locality 3 whole specimens from Butlers Point and Grass Island. Graff Lvon (1911) 401
C Isafjorour, (Ísafjörður, Isafjorour, Isafjordhur), Iceland16-26 July, 1937         shallow water, in algae on fine sand mixed with mud, east of Isafjorour, 1 specimen. Steinböck O (1938) 21
D Vaagfjord (Sudero), Faroes, Faroe Islands1928 10 m mud     fine sand, animal "perished before it was squeezed. According to habitus, position of eyes and of the pharynx it is probably Enterostomum fingalianum Claperede." Steinböck O (1931) 20
E east coast Skye Island (Sky), Hebrides, Scotland, United Kingdom1913 or earlier           Graff Lvon (1913) 412
F Hamoaze estuary, United KingdomJul 26, 1949           Westblad E (1955) 502
G Millbay Channel, Plymouth Sound, Plymouth, United KingdomAug-Sep 1892         Millbay Channel, This channel (varying in depth from 18-21 fathoms)... Gamble FW (1893) 38
H Plymouth, England (English Channel)1913 or earlier 33-40 m         Graff Lvon (1913) 412
I Wembury Bay, United KingdomAug-Sep 1892         Abundant among Florideae, Wembury Bay. Gamble FW (1893) 43
J Cullercoats Bay, United KingdomJul 1, 1950 tide pool       with Corallina. Westblad E (1955) 502
K Strait of Dover (Pas de Calais)1913 or earlier 33-40 m         Graff Lvon (1913) 412
L Herdla (Herlo), off Bergen, Norway1950 or earlier 15 m       Osund, station 25/53 Westblad E (1955) 502
M Hjellestad, Hordaland Fylke, Norway1950 or earlier 30 m       station 18/53. Westblad E (1955) 502
N Marine Biological Station, outside Espegrend, Bergen, Hordaland, Norway1950 or earlier 15-20 m       Bukka Sound, Laminaria stalks. Station 58/51, 81/51, and 29/53. Westblad E (1955) 502
O Gasovik (Gåsövik), Gullmarsfjord (Gullmarsfjorden), Sweden1945         among algae Westblad E (1955) 502
P Flatholmen, Goteborgs och Bohus Lan, Sweden1949         among red algae Westblad E (1955) 502
Q Tolstik (Mys Tolstik), White Sea (Weisses Meer, Beloye More)1932 or earlier         under algae. Steinböck O (1932) 326
R Tolstik (Mys Tolstik), White Sea (Weisses Meer, Beloye More)1913 or earlier           Graff Lvon (1913) 412