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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A Island of São Sebastião, BrazilNov 1949 upper littoral algae   type locality 60 juveniles. / algae Marcus Er (1951) 38, 114
B Herdla (Herlo), off Bergen, Norwayprior to 1926         found in mantle cavity of Mytilus modiolus and Lima hians. Westblad E (1926) 212-216
C Kiel Bay (Kieler Bucht, Kieler Bay, Kielerbugt, Nisler Bach), Germanyprior to 1882       type locality Commensul species found in mantel water of Cyprina islandica Graff Lvon (1882) 385
D Coast of Norway, Norway1954 or earlier         in Mytilus edulis L. and Modiolus modiolus Westblad E (1954) [location from Louise Bush notes on literature for this species, see card]
E Gulf of Trieste (Trzaski Zaliv, Trscanski Zaliv, Trst), Istra, Adriatic Sea, Italy1913 or earlier         in Solen vagina L. Graff Lvon (1913) 169
F Sveti Ivan na Pucini (San Giovanni in Pelago), Hrid, south west Rovinj, Croatia1952 50 m mud     Spring. some free species at mud bottom N.W. of the lighthouse Giovanni S. Pelago. Westblad E (1955) 517
G Fazanski Kanal (Fazena Channel), south Rovinj, Croatia1952 shallow       Spring. masses of the species in a free state in the neighborhood of Rovinj station among red algae along the banks of Fazena Channel. Westblad E (1955) 517
H Barents Sea, Biological Station Alexandrowsk (Murmankuste, Alexandrovsk) and Pala Bay (Guba Pala, Pala Guba), Russia1913 or earlier         in Mytilus edulis L. Graff Lvon (1913) 169
I Sevastopol (Sebastopol, Sewastopol, Akhiar, Akhtyar), Black Sea, Ukraine.1913 or earlier         in Mytilus edulis. Graff Lvon (1913) 169
J White Sea (Beloye More, Weisses Meer), Gulf of Solowetzk (Solowetsk, Solowjetsk, Solovetskiy, Ostrov, Solowetzki, Solovetski Island; Solowezki, Solovets, Solovjetsk), Russiapre 1900   in mantle cavity of Mytilus edulis L.   default type collected by Boehmig, sent by W. Faussek Dörler A (1900) 33
K White Sea (Beloye More, Weisses Meer), Sajatzki Island (Zayatskiye Ostrova, Zayatskiye Islands, Zayatskikh Ostrovov, Zaiatskiye Ostrova), Russia1900 or earlier       default type White Sea, Enterostoma mytili, from gills of, Mytilus edulis. Sabussow H (1900) abstract