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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A Station M9, north coast of ChiloĆ©, Punta Ahui der Halbinsel Lacui, ChileNov 17, 1948 intertidal surf zone rocks   default type 1 specimen in Ulva sp. green algae, found with Porrocystis assimilis (Levinsen), Monocelis anta / Porrocystis assimilis (Levinsen), Monocelis anta Marcus Er (1954) 6, 30
B Station M33, north coast of ChiloĆ©, Punta San Antonio, ChileJan 3, 1949 intertidal surf zone blocks, rocks and sand sediment   default type 1 specimen. Marcus Er (1954) 6, 30
C Station M72, Moraleda Road, El Moro, ChileFeb 21, 1949 intertidal rocks   default type 7 specimens in filamentous green algae. Found with immature Plagiostomide and immature Proseriaten. Marcus Er (1954) 7, 30
D Station M122, Gulf of Arauco, Lota Bay, small southeast of Punta Fuerte Viejo, ChileJun 10, 1949 intertidal rock and block, coarse sand   default type 1 specimen. Found with 8 immature Polyclads. Marcus Er (1954) 8, 30
E Station M118, Fitzroy Channel, ChileMay 10, 1949 intertidal stone with algae   default type 10 specimens. Found with an immature acoel. Marcus Er (1954) 8, 30