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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A Isafjorour, (Ísafjörður, Isafjorour, Isafjordhur), Iceland16-26 July, 1937         shallow water; in algae-mud on fine sand east of Isafjorour, numerous. Steinböck O (1938) 3
B Cawsand Bay, near Plymouth, EnglandAug-Sep 1892         beds of Zostera that grow on the sandy bottom. Gamble FW (1893) 34
C Drake's Island (Saint Nicholas's Island), United KingdomAug-Sep 1892         Drake's Island, north-eastern face of this locality. Gamble FW (1893) 36, 39
D Plymouth Sound (Sound, Plymouth-Sund), English Channel (Kanal La Manche), United Kingdom1905 or earlier         Kanal La Manche (Plymouth-Sund) Graff Lvon (1905) 10
E Wembury Bay, United KingdomAug-Sep 1892         It is not uncommon at the base of the littoral zone at Wembury Bay and Drake's Island. Gamble FW (1893) 38, 39
F south harbor, Altes Dock, Helgoland Island, GermanyAug 1963   fine sand     detritus rich fine sand Dorjes J (1968) 278; also biogeography and ecology on this and other German Bay species in (citation)- 78-115.
G Salammbo, Tunisia (Punic Ports of Carthage), African side of MediterraneanJanuary-February 1971 intertidal and shallow water where port opens to sea clean sand covered with coarse detritus (mostly decomposing Posidonia oceanica).