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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A waters off Greenland and North America1879 or earlier       default type   Levinsen GMR (1879)
B Egedesminde (Aasiaat), Disko Bay, Greenlandprior to 1879       type locality   Levinsen GMR (1879) ; from Schockaert ER, Karling TG (citation)- p. 135
C Egedesminde (Aasiaat), Disko Bay, Greenland1879 or earlier intertidal     type locality   Levinsen GMR (1879) ; from Steinbock (citation)- p. 320
D Godthaab (Godthab,Godthäb, Nuuk), Greenland1932 or earlier intertidal         Robb SMC, Sanchez Alvarardo S (2002) 320
E Tekslo Island, Hordaland Fylke, NorwayJun 16, 1964 25 m coarse shell     Bergen Biol. Station. Ref. No. 280-64. Schockaert ER, Karling TG (1975) 135
F Kors Fjord (Korsfjorden, Korsfjord, Krossfjorden), Fjord, near Bergen, NorwayAug 5, 1965 12 m coarse shell     Lille Vardöy, south of Bergen. Bergen Biol. Station. Ref. No. 332-65. Schockaert ER, Karling TG (1975) 135
G White Sea (Beloye More, Weisses Meer), Isle of Solowetzk (Solowetsk, Solowjetsk, Solovetskiy, Ostrov, Solovetski Island; Solowezki, Solowetzki, Solovets, Solovjetsk), Russia1913 or earlier           Graff Lvon (1913) 332