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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A Razelm-Sinoë, Razelmul Mare (Dolosman), Golovitza, Portitza, Sinoë Lake (Grindul Lupilor), Danube Delta, RomaniaJul 31, 1969     1-2 ppt   One specimen, among algae. Mack-Fira V (1974) 271
B Lenkoran (Lankaran, Lencoran), Caspian Sea (Kaspisches Meer) , Azerbaijan1953 or earlier         Kaspisches Meer. Lenkoran. Beklemischev VN (1953) from Ax 2008 (citation)- p. 468
C Caspian Sea (Kaspisches Meer)1953 or earlier         Caspian Sea. Beklemischev VN (1953) 43; from Karling 1980 (citation)- p. 254
D Port Aralsk (Aral, Aralskoye More), Aral Sea (Aral Tengizi, Orol Dengizil, Aral'skoye More, Aral'skoe Sea), Kazakhstan1927 or earlier 2-4 m     default type Port Aralsk. Bucht bei Aralsk. In dichten Beständen von Najas marina, 2-4 m Tiefe. Beklemischev VN (1927) abstract; also from Ax 2008 (citation)- p. 468