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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Mississippi Basin, USA1915-1917   mud, algae, leaves from oak trees freshwater   several locations in the Mississippi study area. No location specified. 'small temporary pond which during April was up to four feet deep but which would later dry completely unless rains were especially heavy.' Higley R (1918) 12-17, 46
B Round Lake, Charlevoix, Michigan, USAJul 20, 1894     freshwater type locality dredgings from old channel. Woodworth WM (1896) 242
C Rochester, New York, USAbetween May and Aug 1907       type locality most common Rhabdocoela found in Rochester by Graff. Graff Lvon (1911) 354
D Fjord south of Godthab(Godthaab, Nuuk), Godthabsfjord (Godthaabs Fjord, Ball River, Baals Revier, Nuup Kangerlua), Greenland1932 or earlier         See bei Kapsigdlit im Godthaabfjord. Steinböck O (1932) from Luther 1955 (citation)- p. 250
E Kapisillit (Kapisigdlit, Kapisilik), Greenland1927         freshwater lake by Kapisigdlit in Godthaabfjord. Reisinger E, Steinböck O (1927) 39; from Reisinger E, Steinbock O 1932 (citation)- p 307