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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A Firth of Clyde (Millport), United Kingdomprior to 1882       type locality   Graff Lvon (1882) 358
B Millport, United Kingdomprior to 1882     freshwater   Vortex Schmidtii in a 'moortumpel' above the villa 'Fernbank' in Millport, Scotland. Graff Lvon (1882) ; from Young JO 1970 (citation)- p. 217
C Great Cumbrae Island, United Kingdom1913 or earlier     freshwater   moor water Graff Lvon (1913) 118
D Delamere Forest, United Kingdom1965-1967     freshwater   from ditches, Grid Ref. 33558712. Taxonomic note: "This species may be an extreme form of M. kupelwieseri or M. armigera (see Luther, 1955). Young JO (1970) 218
E Münchenstein (Munchenstein), Switzerlandprior to 1894     freshwater     Fuhrmann O (1894) 218-222, 264
F Münchenstein (Munchenstein), Switzerland1955 or earlier         Münchenstein, austrocknender Weiher. Luther A (1955) 103
G Switzerland (Schweiz)1913 or earlier     freshwater     Graff Lvon (1913) 118
H Westen-See (Westensee), Schleswig-Holstein, GermanyMay 22, 1957         Erlenbruchwaldtümpel am Westensee (1 Ex) Rixen J-U (1961) 494
I Lebrader Teich, Schleswig-Holstein, GermanyOct 14, 1957         Lebrader Moor (1 Ex.) Rixen J-U (1961) 494
J Dodau Forest (Dodauer Forst, Försterei Dodau), Schleswig-Holstein, GermanyMay 1, 1958         Bach im Dodauer Forst (1 Ex) Rixen J-U (1961) 494
K Kurmark, Germany1942 or earlier           Weise M (1942) from Luther 1955 (citation)- p. 103
L Eastern Alps (Ostalpen)1915 or earlier         Osalpen. Meixner J (1915) from Luther 1955 (citation)- p. 103
M Tvärminne, FinlandApr 19-20, 1949         Tvärminne, kleiner Graben mit fliessendem Wasser in Laubwald (Hästhagen). Luther A (1955) 103
N Leningrad Province (Sankt-Peterburg, Saint Petersburg), Russia1926 or earlier         Leningrad province. Nasonov NV (1926) abstract
O Leningrad Province (Sankt-Peterburg, Saint Petersburg), Russia1926 or earlier         Umgebung von Leningrad: Ligowo Nasonov NV (1926) from Luther 1955 (citation)- p. 103
P coastal Caucasus mountains (Caucasus, Kaukasus-Küste), Russia1921 or earlier         Kaukasus, Küstengebiet: Asche Nasonov NV (1921) from Luther 1955 (citation)- p. 103