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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A Stangarnes Tangi (Vaag Fjord) Sudero, Faroes, Faroe Islands1928 low tide zone         Steinböck O (1931) 12
B Vaag (Vag; Vagur), Faroes, Faroe Islands1928 10 m         Steinböck O (1931) 12
C Port Saint Mary (St. Mary, Port Mary), Ilse of Man1913 or earlier           Graff Lvon (1913) 200
D Plymouth Sound Breakwater, United KingdomAug-Sep 1892         Captured using a hand-net worked vigorously among the weeds at low water from the dinghy. A single specimen obtained among Fuci bordering the inner side of the Breakwater. Gamble FW (1893) 32-34, 41
E Helgoland, GermanySep-Oct 1894           Attems CG (1897) 223
F Rt Savudrija, (Capo Salvore, Punta Salvore), Croatia1913 or earlier 20 m         Graff Lvon (1913) 200
G Gulf of Naples (Bay of Naples, Neapel, Napoli), Italyprior to 1882       type locality 1 speciment found between Ulven Graff Lvon (1882) 311
H Gulf of Naples (Bay of Naples, Neapel, Napoli), Italy1913 or earlier           Graff Lvon (1913) 200
I Lesina, Italy1913 or earlier           Graff Lvon (1913) 200
J Romania, Black Sea1975 or earlier 0-3 m     default type Rumänische Küste. Vielerorts im Phytal (Enteromorpha, Cystoseira) in 0-3 m Tiefe. Karling TG, Mack-Fira V (1973) from Ax 2008 (citation)- p. 403
K Prinzeninsel Kinali, Kinali Ada (Proti, Kinali Island), Sea of Marmara (Marmara Meer), TurkeySep 29, 1956   Cystoseira vegetation in rock and stones     in Cystoseira vegetation / Cystoseira Ax P (1959) 106
L near the Hydrobiological Institute Baltalmani (Baltaliman), Istanbul Bogazi (Karadeniz Bogazi, Bosporus, Bosphorus), TurkeySep 22, 1956   Algal vegetation     in Cystoseira vegetation / commonly Cystoseira Ax P (1959) 105
M Sevastopol (Sebastopol, Sewastopol, Akhiar, Akhtyar), Black Sea, Ukraine.1889           Pereyaslawzewa S (1892) 250-251