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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A Île Medere (Ilha da Madeira), Madeira, Portugal1882 or earlier       type locality   Graff Lvon (1913) 305
B coastal Ireland1936 or earlier           Southern R (1936) [location from Louise Bush notes on literature for this species, see card]
C Ile Gros, Banyuls-sur-Mer, Western Mediterranean, France23 June, 2000   on algae     left of jetty Willems WR, Artois TJ, Wouter VA, Schockaert ER (2004) 287
D Helgoland, GermanySep-Oct 1894       default type Ich fand ein einziges Exemplar einer Hyporhynchus-Art, welches in den Chitinteilen des Penis und der bursa seminalis Ähnlichkeit hat sowohl mit Hyp. penicillatus als mit Hyp. coronatus. Attems CG (1897) 228
E old harbor, Helgoland, Germany1896 or earlier       type locality   Graff Lvon (1913) 308
F Val di Cuvi (Kuzijski Zaliv, Uvala Kuvi), Rovinj region, Adriatic, Croatia1933 or earlier   coarse sand, shell     1 specimen. Steinböck O (1933) 29
G coastal points on south coast, Sampieri, Sicilia (Sicily, Sicile, Sizilien, Sicula, Südsizilien), ItalyJul 27 - Sep 10, 1949       type locality 114 individuals. Riedl R (1954) 219