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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A Montpellier, Languedoc-Roussillon, FranceBefore 1831   Mud taken among aquatic cryptogame plants. Freshwater type locality In ditches with pluvial waters. Duges just mentions France as a locality, Graff (1882) mentions Montpellier Duges A (1830) 78
B Elbe River, near Hamburg-Harburg, GermanyBefore 1961     Freshwater     Kothé P (1961)
C Berlin, GermanyBefore 1942     Freshwater     Weise M (1942)
D Techelfer (Tähtvere), EstoniaMay 1885     Freshwater   In ditches Braun M (1885) 231
E Dorpat (Tartu, Terbata, Tartto, Derpt, Yurev, Yur'yev), EstoniaMay 1881, May 1885     freshwater   In ditches in the lowlands of the river Embach (now Emajõgi) Braun M (1885) 231
F Karelia Australis (Etelä-Karjala), FinlandBefore 1918     Freshwater     Luther A (1918) 49