Turbellaria --- Distribution records

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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A Yobimatsu, Japan1916         worms occur in abundance on Limulus longispina, attached mostly on the hard surface of the proximal segments of the cephalothoracic appendages as well as on the gill-books. Kaburaki T (1922) 5
B Kojima-Ajino (Azino, Adino, Ajino), Japan1916         Numerous specimens of this species were collected in 1889 by Professor Kishinouye at Ajino, Prov. Bizen. Kaburaki T (1922) 5
C Japan (Nippon, Yaponiya, Nihon, Japon, Giappone)1916 or earlier       default type   Ijima I, Kaburaki T (1916) abstract