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site collection date depth substrate salin locality kind comments reference
A Sao Paulo, BrazilMay 1950           Marcus Er (1951) 66
B Sao Paulo, Brazil1899 or earlier       default type Sao Paulo, Brazil. Graff Lvon (1899) ; from Ogren & Kawakatsu 1990 (citation)- p. 125
C Butantan, near São Paulo (San Paulo), Brazil1938 or earlier         Butantan, Name des Serumtherapeutischen Institutes bei Sao Paulo. Riester A (1938) 86
D Ribeirao Pires, Estado do Sao Paulo, Brazil1938 or earlier         Ribeirao Pires, Station der Sao Paulo Railway, auf dem Abfall der Serra de Mar nach Sao Paulo, Staat Sao Paulo. Riester A (1938) 86
E Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil1938 or earlier         Rio de Janeiro (Rio dos Trapicheiros am Tynon), kleiner Fluss in der näheren Umgebung der Hauptstadt. Riester A (1938) 86